We live in a time were objective standards are hard to come by and the changing flavors of the relativistic culture make Baskin Robbins burn with jealousy. Liberal ideology is steering this ship, but where is it headed? Is there a point of no return once the opening of the rabbit trail has collapsed? Inconsistency is the faint drum beat heard playing quietly in the background, but its time is up, it is time to flip on the light switch and watch the roaches scatter. For too long we’ve been read the lullaby of moral fiction at every turn. Its time to #changetheconversation, to help lead liberal ideology to its final resting place, the figment of the imagination. Truth matters, morality matters, but without a standard to guide us our culture will continue its decent into destruction. Join me in the art of using Light to scatter darkness, as we tackle the issues of the day. Dress for action because the seas are about to get rough.