Came across this clever little zinger floating around in social media space. It has some of the most talked about buzzwords, words like Republican, climate change, and yes, even right to chose. Who is responsible for this brilliant nugget of wisdom, you guessed it, Feminist News. Let’s break this egg and see what kind of omelet we can make, shall we?

Liberals love to play semantical hide-and-go-seek, they throw out words all the time, veiling the meaning in ambiguity. We must not let the rhetoric fool us, this particular piece is focused on one thing and one thing only, “right to chose”, which is actually just liberalnese for abortion. The language is purposely layered, as to soften the blow of its true meaning. Abortion is a polarizing topic, its mere mention carries with it thoughts, feelings, and strong opinion. “Right to chose” is much easier to digest at the outset, it immediately takes the issue (abortion), neutralizes and strips it of its connotations and exchanges it to fit a carefully crafted narrative. So why is “right to chose” used? It puts the ball in their court. A right by definition is something that can be “justified”, something that excuses itself from explanation and carries with it the idea of entitlement, even pretending that something (the right) is morally good. Who owns this right? The woman. What is this right? Choice. When we go deeper we naturally ask, the right to chose what? This is where we start uncovering the truth. At this point, “abortion” will resurface, and the polarizing word will divide the hearers. You are either for it or you are against it. Most would stop here and raise their white flag and say something to the effect of, “Well, I am personally against abortion but it is not my choice.” Control is ceased and the conversation is over. No so fast my friend. Let’s press deeper. We have peeled back a few layers of this nasty little onion but now its time for the final layer, this is where the paradigm shifts and the truth is exposed. Abortion is murder, three simple words. No semantics, no veiled language, only truth. Now reread it again in its proper language: “But, when it comes to a woman’s right to murder her child, suddenly they all become doctors!!” Yikes. No so palatable anymore. The second part of that sentence reveals something as well. Doctors. The little spider web holding this whole idea together is the idea that this is actually “healthcare.” Of course once the true meaning is exposed the idea of healthcare goes out the window.

So, how do we maintain integrity in our discourse, by refusing to play the game. Their battle plan is simple, it involves you stepping down off your foundation to fight in their backyard. Do not do this. You already have the moral high ground, no need to step down or let your foot off the gas. Equivocation in this case is nothing more than fear. We must return to our fundamental question, our starting point: By what standard? God’s Word alone.

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