What does Alice in Wonderland, Neverland, and Twilight have in common? You guessed it, they’re fiction, pure, unadulterated, fictional entertainment. Liberal ideology has taken its ideas from the same fictional playbook. Liberalism is inescapable in today’s times, it oozes its rhetoric in nearly every corner of popular culture, from the news to the Oscars, from the government school classroom to the paint and ink on cardboard signs of “social justice” showing up on nearly every college campus around. Liberal ideology has managed to boil the culture down into a place where anything goes (including logic, that went right out the window). Moral relativism and sentimentalism have become the driving forces behind the absurdity seen all around us. But where does it end? Well, thats the beauty (and horror) of it all, it never ends, like the fairytale of Darwinian evolution it continually changes over time, only this phenomenon is actually observable.

What was once unthinkable is now mainstream, what was once condemned is now celebrated. The moral revolution has spread like wildfire with no end in sight. Some might say, “So, whats the big deal?” Others might tell us get with the program, to embrace this moral enlightenment like any good comrade. Sure would be a lot less contentious right? I mean honestly, falling in line with the changing times would be easier, no rub and no worries. It’s just a matter of how far down the rabbit hole we are willing to go, right? Transgenderism? Why not? Biology is evolutionary anyways, I mean chromosomes are just two letters, we have 24 more to chose from. The sexual revolution? Love is love isn’t it? Abortion? Whoa pump the brakes, tread lightly, that is between a women and her…doctor? Where does one draw the line? Here is fine but no farther. Which of the cultural golden calves are off limits, which are up for debate, does CNN have a handbook we can reference please? There is a massive, gaping hole in this sort of thinking. Where there is no standard there are no appeals to be made. Standards by definition are lines in the sand. The question then becomes, by what standard? This is the achilles heal of liberal ideology and much of the popular thought of today, it’s all relative. So where does that leave us? Well, it leaves us staring dangerous at the edge of a cliff, waiting for the next cultural wind to give us that final shove into nihilism. Some say its too late, the ship is going down, no need to polish the brass, no need to fight only surrender. If you feel safer boarding the lifeboats that’s fine, but for those that want to fight it is time to dress for action. Light always scatters darkness, it isn’t a matter of if but when. Now seems like a fine time. So grab your flash lights folks it’s time to watch the cockroaches scatter, time to #changetheconversation, to throw a smoke bomb into that rabbit hole and put this moral fiction back on the bookshelf next to Harry Potter and all the other “once upon a time’s.”

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